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Counting My “Lucky Days”

“This is my lucky day, Mee-Ma,” my six year old granddaughter announced. “Our class got to go swimming, I had chess club after school, and now take a look!” She proudly presented me with a bloody tooth. “Wow, the tooth fairy is going to be busy tonight,” I said. […]

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Personality: Invalid?

The other day, my son called up and said with a laugh, “Mom, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I have an invalid personality.” “What do you mean?” “I took this personality test, and it says I’m ‘invalid.’” […]

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Thinking About Peyton

Okay, so I don’t have his millions—of dollars, of fans, of accolades. But the other day, when the great quarterback Peyton Manning made it official and tearfully announced his retirement after eighteen seasons, all I could think was, “I feel your pain.” The number eighteen is familiar to me. It’s the number of seasons I danced with my husband before a hip replacement catapulted me into retirement. […]

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Spring Chickens

If we’re lucky, we all get older before we die. In our youth-obsessed culture, it’s not something many of us like to think about or perhaps even acknowledge. But denial only goes so far. Here are my observations about: Six Surefire Signs You’re Not the Spring Chicken You Once Were After watching you swim laps, a bystander tells you, “Wow, you’ve really got that slow motion thing down.” The next day, you get on a crowded subway, and a young man jumps up and insists on giving you his seat. Without your asking her, the lady at McDonald’s charges you for a senior coffee. You wonder if Jane Fonda’s plastic surgeon ever does pro bono work. The early bird dinner special at Big Boy no longer sounds obscene. You realize the novel you’re reading, set in the time period of your youth, is billed as “historical fiction.”

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No Words Necessary

The call from my son came in as I drove down the highway to pick up my sixth grade grandchild. Thought I should warn you he got into big trouble today at school. He said something to a girl she really took offense to. She reported him and he ended up spending the day in the in-school suspension room.” “What in the world did he say to her?” I asked. “I have no idea, but he was probably imitating something he’d heard on YouTube. You know how it is, Mom. All middle school boys are idiots.” Well, that’s true. I had vivid memories of the wild and wooly middle school years of the son I was talking to. Still, I worried what to say to my grandson. I figured the last thing he needed was anyone else piling on him about his bad behavior, but I also didn’t want to send the message that it was okay to disrespect girls. As it turned out, my grandson was totally uninterested in discussing the matter with me. “I hear you had a bad day,” I ventured, after he’d buckled up and we’d pulled away from the school. “Yeah, I really don’t want to talk about it,” he said in a shaky voice. “The assistant principal—he helped me.” I said a silent prayer of thanks for assistant principals who are good at communicating with middle school boys and kept driving. Truthfully, part of me was relieved to be off the hook for searching [...]

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