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Psychic Pleasures

Years ago, I took a communications course from a professor who announced on the first day, “There’s no such thing as altruism.” A staunch proponent of exchange theory, he insisted that all social interactions are governed by people’s desire to gain a reward in exchange for providing something of value to others. I gamely attempted to argue with him. Surely, there are genuinely selfless folks and acts of altruistic behavior. […]

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In My Next Life, I Want to Be Dean Koontz

Okay. I admit it. I’m incredibly jealous of Dean Koontz. It’s not just his prodigious talent and prolific success as a writer. It’s also that he still writes on an old Commodore word processor. He’s never bothered to learn how to do email. If he needs to send a message, he simply writes it out and gives it to an assistant to send. […]

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