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Dealing with my Own “Stuff”

This past week, I took a professional development workshop on first aid for mental health, a program that originated in Australia and is now gaining widespread adoption in the states. It’s designed to teach skills in recognizing and responding to folks who may be in the early-stages of a mental health crisis […]

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President Obama had barely taken the oath of office when Senator Mitch McConnell, one of the folks who makes me profoundly embarrassed to admit I live in Kentucky, announced his primary goal was to limit Obama to one term in office. He didn’t succeed, but he and his Republican cronies became the “party of No” and did everything in their power to block any and all of the President’s legislative efforts. Obamacare became the devil incarnate it was their duty to eliminate—never mind millions of people were able to get health insurance for the first time. Now of course, thanks to a Republican-controlled White House and Congress, they’re at risk for losing it.  […]

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