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After the Assault

Years ago, when I was researching my book, Teen Rape, I came across a wonderful quote: “Poor judgment is not a rapeable offense.” I can certainly attest to having used poor judgement, particularly when I was young and painfully naïve. But no one, regardless of age or lack of experience, deserves to be sexually assaulted. And all too often, the reactions of other people to a victim after an assault can worsen the effects. I experienced my own mini-trauma during my senior year of high school when I was editing the yearbook. The advisor, in his last year of teaching after a decades-long career, was a short, portly guy who was utterly charming. He loved telling funny stories about his wife and home life. I adored him and arranged to have yearbook editors from previous years attend a special retirement celebration in his honor. But as the end of the year drew near and I was often working in his classroom after school, his behavior changed dramatically. He inched closer and closer to me, taking every opportunity to rest his arm on my shoulder. Then he wanted me to sit on his lap. Confused and afraid to offend him, I obliged. But soon, he wanted to kiss me.  I kept averting my face. But on the last day of school, he flat out tried to attack me. I pulled away, and he ended up chasing me around the classroom before I fled out the door and ran all the way [...]

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Welcome to my new web site! I’m so glad you’re visiting, and I hope you’ll visit often. I’ve been writing a weekly blog for a few years now (would love for you to check out my Archives), but this is the first blog I’ve written for my new site. I don’t know about you, but I’m not crazy about blogs that are mainly advertisements saying, “Buy my book! Buy my book!” I prefer blogs that actually say something that might offer some hope, help, or even some laughs. So, I’ve written about all kinds of things, ranging from reviews of YA books I’ve loved—to reflections on the writing life, mean dance teachers, and what not to say to someone who’s depressed. Teens have always been my favorite age group to work with and write about. I’d love for my blog to evolve into a place where we can share concerns and ideas about how to cope with the challenges of growing up. Like many of you, I didn’t have an easy time as a kid and a teenager. My mom was mentally ill, my parents got divorced, and my dad was a workaholic who wasn’t around much. When he was around, he had a definite script for his three daughters that had little to do with our dreams and passions. Our worth tended to be equated with how well we did in school and our acceptances into Ivy League colleges. I was also born with a birth defect, a noticeable [...]

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