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Lynda Rees will be my first featured guest author on December 5

As I write this, I’m recovering from inhaling way too many helpings of the delicious Thanksgiving dinner my husband made for us. My waistline may never be the same, but it was worth it. Feeling very grateful for his food and most especially, for his love. I don’t know how I lucked out to marry a man who makes me laugh every day and loves to cook, but I’m not asking any questions.

Meantime, I wanted to share a bit of news with you. First off, I now have a better idea of exactly when my forthcoming young adult novel, Leisha’s Song, will be coming out from Fire and Ice. It’s now slated for publication at the beginning of February. This project was a real labor of love, and I’m super excited that I finally get to share it with readers.

The writing community is a supportive one, and so many writers have helped me along the way. In the coming year, I want to do more to “pay it forward.” Part of that is taking on the presidency of my local chapter of Sisters in Crime, Derby Rotten Scoundrels. (Can you tell our chapter’s based in Kentucky?) I’ve also decided to invite authors once or twice a month to do guest spots on my weekly blog. I’m starting with the mystery writers in our local chapter and then will invite other writers to be guests. First up on December 5 is author Lynda Rees, followed by our chapter’s outgoing president, prolific writer Beth Henderson, on December 19.

I hope you’ll enjoy these new voices and check out their books!


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