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Life:Beginnings and Endings

Wishing all of you a beautiful Thanksgiving! Holidays invariably put me in a reflective mood. Here’s what was on my mind during my travels yesterday: The train ride between New York and Boston is a mere four hours long, but the distance I travel between my son’s Manhattan household to my mom’s Cambridge apartment seems…

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As my mother grew older, she regularly scoffed at the suggestion that she should consider purchasing nursing home insurance. Indeed, the thought of my powerhouse mom shut away in a long care facility seemed preposterous.

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The Downside and Upside of Getting Older

For my older son’s wedding, one of his aunts, a professional photographer, put together a slide show of the growing up years of my son and his beautiful bride. They were both such neat kids, and I loved every minute of it. As the groom’s mom, I appeared in several photos with my then young…

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Spring Chickens

If we’re lucky, we all get older before we die. In our youth-obsessed culture, it’s not something many of us like to think about or perhaps even acknowledge. But denial only goes so far. Here are my observations about: Six Surefire Signs You’re Not the Spring Chicken You Once Were After watching you swim laps,…

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

In fiction writing, we have something called the “unreliable narrator”—a story-teller that we eventually discover can’t be counted on for objective accuracy or full disclosure. We readers often end up surprised by what the “truth” is. “Truth,” however, is a slippery concept. There is a sense in which all of us are unreliable narrators. The…

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