Three Lovely Writing Things!

As a writer, I have plenty of discouraging days—when the words don’t come easily, something comes up that takes me away from my desk, or a rejection arrives in my inbox. But this past week, what I felt was overwhelming gratitude.

First, I got to write every single day, and unexpected ideas crept into my consciousness and found their way on to the page. I’m excited about them, and I think they make the work stronger. I’m now nearing the end of the first draft of a project that’s near and dear to my heart, a middle grade fantasy. And, in case you’re wondering what a young adult writer like me is doing writing a middle grade fantasy, I have no idea! The premise arrived in my brain one day and wouldn’t let go. I’m so glad it came and refused to leave, because I have loved working on this novel.

The second nice thing was that I got a thank you note from an author I’d featured as a guest on my blog. She said I asked “terrific questions” and then she added, “Sometimes as a writer I feel like a second-class citizen, but today you made me feel like a bestseller!” I couldn’t believe a multi-published author in not one but three different genres could possibly feel less than fabulous about her writing career, but it is true that as a mid-list author, she’s not making big bucks from writing. Still, her work regularly receives four and five star reviews from readers. She deserves to be appreciated and recognized for her talent and accomplishments, and it made me feel so good to help make that happen.

Truth be told, we writers work hard, and it does feel good when recognition comes our way. So here comes the third lovely writing thing I want to share. This past weekend, I got the news that LEISHA’S SONG has been nominated for an Agatha Award in the children’s/young adult mystery category. This is a huge honor in our mystery writing field, and honestly? I am absolutely thrilled!

I know not every week in my writing life will have all these lovely things to report, but I sure am savoring the events of this past week. And I’m excited (and nervous!) about the coming week when I work my way to the end of my middle grade novel.

Feeling so grateful.

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