It’s That Time! Asking for Blurbs

With Deadly Setup coming out on July 5, it’s that time to redo my website featuring the new novel. Part of that is soliciting blurbs from authors willing to read my work and if they like it, to write a short blurb endorsing the novel.

I admit it. I would make a terrible salesperson! I get incredibly nervous about “making the ask.” Authors are busy people, and they have their own writing to do and careers to manage. I’m asking them to spend the hours it takes to read my work and comment on it. Besides, what if they don’t care for my novel? This can make me feel bad and put them in a terribly awkward position. Who wants to do that to a fellow writer?

Thankfully, though, folks have been so kind and have said such positive things about the novel.

And the nice thing is that sometimes I get to reciprocate. Frances Schoonmaker, an Agatha Award-winning writer of historical fiction for young people, asked me to review her forthcoming novel, Sid Johnson and the Slave Stealer. What a treat this book is, and what fun to write a review!

While writing may be a solitary activity, I’ve found the writing community to be amazingly encouraging of one another. I’m feeling so grateful to be in a position where I can give and receive so much support from my fellow writers.

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