Adults Need That One “Trusted Adult,” Too

My “trusted adult”

Years ago, I was interviewing a psychologist for an article about the challenges of adolescence when she said: “What a kid really needs to make it through the teen years is that one trusted adult who supports and encourages them.”

Lately, I’ve been thinking that having a “trusted adult” matters long after our teenage years are behind us.

Take last weekend, for example. I’d been having a crisis in confidence about my work-in-progress, wondering if perhaps I’d lost my mojo. Just before I left for an all-day arts festival, I printed out the 200 or so pages I’d written of my new novel and asked my dear husband if he’d mind reading it over the next few days to give me an opinion.

On the drive home from the festival, I was feeling pretty low. While it had been great to meet a lot of other authors, traffic was light at the festival, and I’d ended up selling exactly one book!

When I got home, after I relayed my pathetic tale of sitting there hour after hour with no customers my husband announced he’d not only started reading my work-in-progress, but he’d finished it! “I couldn’t put it down,” he told me. “I think it’s the best thing you’ve ever written.”

Now I know my husband’s not exactly unbiased about my work. He loves me, and I’m aware no one is going to want to publish my book because “my husband loved it.”

But you know what? His words helped me work my way through a time when I was really doubting myself. He gave me the courage to keep going.

The next day, I sat down at my desk and got back to work. It was a good writing day.

I know how lucky I am to have that one “trusted adult” in my life who offers unconditional support and encouragement.

We’re never too old to need that person in our lives!

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