Despite It All, I’m So Grateful

My grandchildren

As a long time news junkie, it’s getting harder and harder to read a newspaper or tune into the news. To witness such enormous suffering in the Israeli-Hamas/Russia-Ukraine conflicts as well as the assaults on women’s rights and our totally dysfunctional Congress is so awful that I find myself wanting to crawl back into bed and pull the blanket over my head.

It also hasn’t helped that for whatever reason, I’m having a lot of spinal pain that neither injections nor physical therapy seems to touch. I’ve found it extra hard to feel upbeat when I’m hurting.

And yet, I still find myself grateful for all of my blessings this holiday season. I have so much in my life to be thankful for, including:

  • My amazing husband who is unbelievably thoughtful and caring (not to mention hilarious!)
  • My sons – I’m proud of both of them and the wonderful families they’ve created.
  • My grandchildren- Who knew they could be so much fun? And give such great hugs?
  • Writing and getting to share my work. Earlier this month, I signed another contract with Fire & Ice/Melange Books to publish my fifth novel, a YA called MISSING MOM.
  • The senior community chorus I sing with- we just finished a series of holiday concerts. Music is so healing and uplifting, and I feel lucky to have found this lovely singing group.
  • Speaking of music, I continue to feel lucky to get to sing and play our original music with my husband!
  • My dear sisters and our weekly Zoom calls- definitely a highlight of my week!
  • Dear friends who have been such a lovely part of my life
  • Libraries and bookstores- Reading is pure pleasure. It never gets old.

I could go on and on. Despite everything happening in the world and with my physicality, I am so damned lucky. And grateful.

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