Students Say the Darndest Things

Don’t get me wrong. In years of teaching dance, writing, public speaking, and sociology, I’ve had some fabulous students and some deeply appreciative ones. In May, I got a note from one of my writing students that didn’t just make my day. It made my year. 

But as any longtime educator can tell you, there are always a handful of students whose comments are so absurd they leave you absolutely speechless. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

-From an adult ballet student: “You’re doing wonders for the right side of my body, but your classes are ruining my left side.” (Note to folks who’ve never studied ballet: We do everything on both sides.)

– From a college student at the University of Oklahoma taking my 8 AM dance class: “No offense, but your class is making me sweat way too much. Could you ease back a little? You’re ruining my makeup job.”

– From a public speaking first-year college student in a round table discussion of our various styles of thinking: “I try not to think too much.”

– From a sociology 101 student: “Who needs critical thinking skills? You can just look stuff up on Google.”

– From an adult student after I suggested she seek to understand a variety of perspectives about the issue of abortion: “My husband warned me to watch out for liberals like you if I went back to college.”

I love collecting these comments. So, if you’ve ever taught and had a student say something outrageous to you, please pass it on to me!

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