Writers: We're a Supportive Group!

When one of my dear writing friends, Ellen Birkett Morris, got an agent the other day, I think I was almost as excited as she was. Despite being an award-winning short story writer with an outstanding reputation, it wasn’t easy to find an agent for her first novel. I can definitely relate!

Yet, in the midst of doing all her own work, which includes being a regular columnist for AuthorLink.com, Ellen took the time to write to Doris Booth, her editor at AuthorLink, and inquire as to whether Doris might consider assigning someone to interview me about my YA novel, It Should Have Been You. With the publication date of January 30 rapidly approaching, Ellen wanted to help me get the word out. Doris invited me instead to be a guest columnist for their Writer Insights column. I was delighted, and I hope you’ll check out the piece I wrote which was published on December 8, “Confesssions of an Accidental Novelist.”

We writers know the time, energy, and passion it takes to produce creative work, and the tough road we have in finding the right place for it. I suppose you could call us a tribe.

As tribes go, I think we’re a mighty supportive one! One of the nicest things about getting my MFA at Seton Hill University was becoming part of an amazing community of writers eager to encourage, console, and cheer one another on through the inevitable ups and downs of the writing life.

The other day, I found myself spending several hours editing one of my college student’s first effort at a novel. It wasn’t a class assignment or part of my job description, but I didn’t begrudge giving the time. So many other writers have generously given their time to critique my work, so the least I can do is to pay it forward and encourage the next generation of novelists.

Writers are my people, and I am so thankful.



  1. Ellen Birkett Morris on January 9, 2020 at 11:14 pm

    Just found this, so lovely and true. Helping other writers has been a self-defined part of this journey, however it ends up.

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