I Love Being Wrong: Book Signing Bliss


With Scott, already a really good writer!

            Most authors can tell you stories about their less than successful efforts at doing book signings. In fact, a Sisters in Crime friend from our local chapter, Derby Rotten Scoundrels, shared this hysterical YouTube posting by Parnell Hall about his experiences.

            So, when Deb Shapiro, the terrific publicist hired by Page Street, set up a signing for IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU at my local Barnes and Noble, I was more than a little anxious. What if no one came? I’d have to sit there at that little desk piled with my books trying to smile while folks walked past me to pick up the latest James Patterson.

Molly, Jenna, and I at signing

            Needless to say, I was thrilled when folks of all ages came to the signing. In fact, shock of shocks, we ran out of books!

            I realize it won’t always be like this. After all, this is my hometown, and many who came were friends and other writers. Still, it felt wonderful to have people express their excitement about the novel, and I’m so grateful to all the folks who came to my signing.

Sisters in Crime mystery writers and friends, Elaine and Natalie

            It turned out that my fears about the signing simply didn’t materialize. In fact, I’ve found that the things I’ve stressed the most over usually don’t come to pass. It’s the stuff it hasn’t occurred to me to worry about that goes awry.

            In this case, I absolutely loved being wrong.

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