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I’m delighted to introduce prolific author Lynda Rees as my first featured guest author on my blog. As you’ll be able to tell, Lynda is passionate about human trafficking and its horrific impact on young people and writes in multiple genres. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her and her books.

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Thank you, Lynn, for hosting me today. I appreciate the opportunity to meet your readers and hope mine find your blog fascinating.

I was inspired to write Hart’s Girls because of daily posts on social media and in the news mentioning missing children, many of them teens. As an author, I do lots of research. I worked with an FBI agent to learn more about human trafficking and discovered troubled young people are susceptible and easily influenced by unscrupulous human predators. Many among the public are unaware and believe it doesn’t impact them or their circle of friends; but it does. This despicable industry affects all races, neighborhoods regardless of income levels or status.

This infestation is a huge, highly profitable industry with powerful players pulling strings from high-ranking positions across the globe. We cannot ignore it any longer. It’s affecting OUR neighborhoods.

My goal with Hart’s Girls and the sequel, Unwilling Donor, is to bring awareness to the general public and let them know of the danger and what they can do about it. I chose to get the word out through entertainment via the media of cozy romantic mystery.

Was the character based on a real person/s?

Situations in the story happened to real girls who have been rescued by the FBI, but not one particular case. I combined actual case studies with character figments of my imagination.

Spunky heroine, FBI Agent Reggie Casse, is a recurring character my fans love. Readers asked for Reggie to finally have a love interest of her own, so I brought in irritating but irresistible U. S. Marshal Shae Montgomery.

Their love affair continues in my next book, Unwilling Donor, as they attempt to have a normal wedding, which ends up much like similar situations they find themselves in—a reception with unwanted guests—a WITSEC protective, gangsters, thugs and gunplay. It’s definitely a wedding they’ll remember.

Hart’s Girls just came out in audio and is in eBook and print. Unwilling Donor will launch in the spring of 2021.

Human trafficking puts innocent children at risk in all neighborhoods. FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse and U. S. Marshal Shae Montgomery resent each other’s intrusion, when they must join forces to stop abductions around Sweetwater, Kentucky. Antagonism turns to attraction they can’t act on without putting lives in danger. Shae thinks Reggie is planning her wedding with another. Shae’s ex wants her man back. Investigation leads to powerful players. When shots are fired, will they get past their differences and have each other’s backs?

What can the public do?

The best thing people can do is to be aware of their surroundings and to report suspicious activity to authorities. I have comprised some lists of information people can get about how to spot human trafficking and what to look for in your troubled teenager. Anyone interested can request this material by email at with subject REQUEST INFO-HART’S GIRLS.

There is help available for victims. NCMEC provides free help to victims and families of exploited children, to obtain education, counseling, recommendations and relocation. They also connect the victim with legal counsel for their rights and pursue monetary restitution. Both the U. S. Marshall’s Office and the FBI have task forces dedicated to search out, rescue and help rehabilitate victims of this crime. NCMEC assistance is free.  To reach out to a member of NCMEC’s team,  email or call 1-877-446-2632 ext. 6117

Awareness brings empowered to do something about injustice. It remains a scary subject, but the more I’ve learned about the subject, the better able I am to spot and avoid trouble and help others do the same. I aim to spread awareness through my writing and by entertaining readers.

What else are you working on?

I’m balancing several projects at this time.  My children’s picture book just launched. NO FEAR is an endearing tale of exploration, friendship and appreciating differences. Brilliant illustrations bring to life bear cub, Gus’s, dear fawn, Dash’s, exciting experiences with animal friends in the forest to help children overcome fears and understand that being different is a great thing.

Flip or Flop , a romantic mystery, is awaiting the publisher’s scheduled launch. Charlie, a female rehabber, buys a house where a murder occurred. She’s plagued with strange mishaps. Misconceptions about each other keep Charlie and Eli, her sexy neighboring completion, apart but attraction between them keeps throwing them together. Charlie’s escalating dangerous accidents land them in a web of deceit and violence that started half a century ago. Here is the draft cover.


I have several non-fiction books recently launched.   Easy Keto Diet, Easy Keto Cookbook, Easy Keto Desserts, Easy Keto Journal, Easy Keto 7 Day Meal Planner and Easy Keto Cheat Sheet. These step-by-step guides and tools dispel mystery behind the popular KETO Diet program and help make it easy to achieve success.

Separately I’m working with the Derby Rotten Scoundrels on three plays about prohibition and bourbon for the Frasier Muxeam in Lexington, the first stop for The Bourbon Trail. It’s so much fun and funny because in 2019 I published a book called The Bourbon Trail, Book 10, The Bloodline Series. It’s widely available in ebook, print and audiobook.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Lynn. I appreciate it and hope your readers like the post and enjoy my books. I look forward to hearing from them.


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