Temporarily M-I-A

New chapter printed on a tyepwriter

As some of you know, I had some pretty major spinal surgery in late February. The surgeon had warned me that I might have some trouble walking initially because of his entering through the psoas muscle. Well, yes! My right leg and foot are totally non-functional, and I am doped up on pain meds. This went beyond having a “few problems” initially, so my surgeon went back in on Friday and located the problem- bone compression along with a hematoma pressed against a nerve. He addressed the issues and now it’s anywhere from a one to six-month recovery. Meantime, pain meds are my new best friend, and I am getting pretty good at crashing into furniture with my rolling walker.

I share all this because it’s meant dropping out of writing events I had looked forward to for so long! SCBWI MidSouth spring conference? Nope. Kentuckiana Independent Authors Fair? Not a chance. Malice Domestic? Sorry.

If I sound whiny, it’s because I am! Being with other writers and readers is such a treat, especially when we haven’t been able to do face-to-face meetings for more than two years.

I know, however, that I am so blessed. My husband has been incredibly supportive. How did I get so lucky to marry this guy? I have no idea. But I’m not asking any questions.

Meantime, I learned this past week that LEISHA’S SONG was nominated for an Imadjinn Award for “best YA novel.”  I am so thankful for the attention this book has received.

So, despite my occasional bouts of whining, I do know how fortunate I am.

Besides, there’s always next year. Conferences? Book fairs? God willing, here I come!

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